Pokémon GO Thanksgiving Treat Confirms Lucky Egg Will Make You Receive 4 Times The Usual XP

Pokémon GO is slated to treat gamers with loads of XP during Niantic's Thanksgiving Event. The developers are also expected to give away more Stardust during the event. However, more candy like in the Halloween event may no longer be possible.

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has reportedly launched a week-long event post their special Halloween event. The Pokémon GO event is launches just in time for Thanksgiving. As an added encouragement, Niantic is also reportedly giving Pokémon GO players double the amount of XP than usual.

It should be noted that the Lucky Egg item in Pokémon GO currently gives players double XP when it is activated. Niantic surprised Lucky Egg winners that the Pokémon GO Thanksgiving event will be giving them a quadruple bonus. Hence, four XP will be rewarded to them.

Note that Lucky eggs may also be purchased via the Pokémon GO shop. It is expected that the Thanksgiving event will also boost sales for Pokémon GO. This is also believed to be a huge opportunity for Pokémon GO trainers to earn a large quantity during the Thanksgiving event next week. Niantic also announced that the Pokémon GO event will begin on Nov. 23 and will end on Nov. 30.

Meanwhile, ditto can reportedly be caught for Pokémon GO in the wild already. Several players reportedly noted that the Pokémon creature may now be found as the Thanksgiving event started. Apparently, Pokémon GO creatures will randomly transform into a Ditto. It was previously believed that an Easter egg was hidden inside the game.

Pokémon GO recently included Ditto via updates including the Struggle and Transform moves. Note that bringing Ditto into the gym will immediately cause the Pokémon to shift into the first Pokémon it faces along with all its moves and CP stats. Other rewards of the Thanksgiving event reportedly include visiting PokéStops and earning more Stardust. Watch Double XP and Stardust in Pokemon GO here:

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