'Stranger Things' Season 2 Updates: Brett Gelman Joins Cast; Eleven's Full Appearance To Happen In Episode 7?

Veteran comedian-actor Brett Gelman has recently been confirmed to join the cast of Netflix's most anticipated show for 2017, "Stranger Things" season 2. Reports have it that the actor left Adult Swim to play an important role in the series which is rumored to have a major connection with Eleven. Meanwhile, the Easter eggs from season 1 reveal that Eleven's mother might be on the lookout for her, but speculations say they would reunite only in the seventh episode of the upcoming season.

"Stranger Things" season 2's family is getting bigger with six new actors coming into the show. The participation of Gelman has been announced and he is reportedly playing the character Murray Bauma. His role will portray a "disgraced journalist who come to Hawkins to investigate conspiracies surrounding a mysterious old case."

With Netflix revealing only limited details for Gelman's role, fans surprisingly came up with interesting theories that might make sense as they connect to the cliffhangers from season 1.

Murray Bauma's Connection To Eleven

The revelation about Bauma investigating something about an old case is theorized by fans to be connected with Eleven's intriguing history. The journalist is said to be delving into the MK Ultra project of the Hawkins Lab where the pregnant Terry Ives has been a part of. Recalling the revelations from season 1, Eleven got her psychic abilities as a result of the experiments made on her mother by Dr. Brenner while she was pregnant.

An Easter egg from the final episode of the freshman season points at the newspaper clipping about the Will Byers incident. From the clipping, it is said that a certain Ives is testifying alongside Joyce Byers about the illegal activities of the Hawkins Lab. The Ives that the article refers to is speculated to be Eleven's mother and that she is testifying to get help to find her missing daughter. The role of Gelman then is said to play a big role in understanding the personality of Eleven as well as in finding her.

Eleven's Return to Hawkins

As Millie Bobby Brown's casting in "Stranger Things" season 2 was already confirmed, there are countless speculations that her character will only be through flashback scenes. Theories say Mike Wheeler and Ives will be looking back through the past and that is where Eleven can only be seen. However, these theories can be slashed out as Hopper left a strong hint that fans will see Eleven alive on season 2.

From "Stranger Things" season 1 finale, Hopper has been leaving behind some food and Eggo waffles in the woods which avid fans know is a favorite food of Eleven. With the chief having an agreement with Brenner, it is believed that he is playing double-agent to get the chance to find the psychic. The episode 7 of season 2 entitled "The Secret Cabin" is believed to refer to Eleven's hiding place. It is not yet clear though whether the cabin is in Hawkins or in Upside Down. If it will be true that Eleven will only be a part of flashbacks in the installment's first episodes, it is expected that the character will have a full appearance on the said chapter.

As interesting as these theories sound, fans will have to wait until next year as "Stranger Things" season 2 is slated to premiere in July 2017.

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