Here Are The Best Pokemon Sun And Moon Monsters To Build Your Team

Pokemon Sun and Moon are starting to make a name in the gaming industry. Heck, it's even becoming one of the most highly celebrated Pokemon games out there. Among the best things about these titles are the online tools, one of which is the team builder. It helps players come up with a better, if not the best, monster line up for their journeys. Well, without further ado, here's a list of creatures every trainer should consider on his/her team.

Pichu And/Or Grubbin In Pokemon Sun And Moon

In Route 1, there are plenty of Pokemon players can capture. Take for example Pichu, which is Pikachu's pre-evolved form. This creature is a best bud to have in battles, most especially if players can evolve it to Raichu. Remember that the latter has a special Alola form in the brand new games.

Also worth mentioning in this list of the best Pokemon Sun and Moon monsters is Grubbin. The said Pokemon is a bug type. While many tend to ignore this creature, it's actually best to catch it, as advised by Inverse. When level 20 is reached, this specie can evolve into Charjabug -- an electric/bug type monster. And take note: it has a very impressive stat in terms of Special Attack.

Lycanroc In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Lycanroc, in its most organic form, is deemed as a rock type wolf specie. However, it's quite elusive, as it only tends to appear at a certain time of the day. Nevertheless, it's worth having. Players can simply go to Vast Poni Canyon. In Pokemon Sun, the recommend way is to search for it during daytime. Doing so will result to finding the Pokemon's midday form. As for Pokemon Moon players, hunting at midnight will result to acquiring its midnight form.

Salandit In Pokemon Sun And Moon

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Salandit is a fire/poison type Pokemon Sun and Moon creature. It can be found on Route 2, though. Due to its excellent stats on both speed and special attack, it's a very worthy Pokemon to own. Moreover, this specie boasts a special ability that is called Corrosion. It allows the creature to damage or attack other monsters that are usually immune to poison.

What are your thoughts on this list of the best Pokemon Sun and Moon monsters? Have you acquired one of the above mentioned creatures already? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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