How To Get Snorlax Z Move Snorlium Z, Pre-Evolution Munchlax In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon are two of the newest games from Nintendo. Both have earned the appreciation of many Pokemon fans. And now, the studio is looking to up the ante through a giveaway until early next year. It's called the Mystery Gift online service, which, when used, can result to Snorlax's Z move called Snorlium Z. Not just that, doing so will give players a chance to acquire the creature's pre-evolution Munchlax.

It holds true, though, that the aforementioned is a pre-order bonus. Nonetheless, Eurogamer reports that this will be available to all players who decide to pick up either of the games. This gig can be likened to Pokemon X and Y's Torchic. For trainers to get hold of the current giveaway, they must connect the said online service on or before Jan. 11, 2017.

It's worth noting that through this process, Pokemon Sun and Moon players will have the chance to acquire Snorlax's Z Move attack. It's called Snorlium Z. The first step is to turn the Nintendo 3DS, so as to boot up the game. Once done, simply go straight to the start screen and click "Mystery Gift."

Next, select the option that says "Get via Internet." This process could take a couple of minutes depending on the users' internet connection. After which, they can just select the Snorlium Z option to acquire the Z move. It should be noted that selecting the option is synonymous to getting Snorlax's pre-evolution Munchlax.

Once there's a prompt in the screen that says the process is successful, Pokemon Sun and Moon players need to select the option "Check the Card Album." This can be found in the Mystery Gift menu. Note that various pages are included there, so it's only feasible for the option to be somewhere other than the first page. So, better look for it.

Once it's downloaded, just simply enter the game and head straight to the Pokemon Center. From there, an NPC (which wears a color yellow shirt with blue stripes) can be found. He's around the left of the counter. Talk to him, so players will get the items. Remember that an extra slot should be available in the party. That way, receiving Munchlax will be easy. Besides, the guy won't leave until the players get what they deserve.

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon Sun and Moon Mystery Gift online service? Will you try it? Any thoughts on Snorlax's Z Move called Snorlium Z and its pre-evolution Munchlax? Be sure to share it with us at the comment section below!

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