First Ever Pokemon Sun And Moon Trading Cards To Hit Japan This December

Pokemon Sun and Moon just recently released. Meanwhile, the Pokemon Trading Cards still does not have the Sun and Moon versions. However, a commercial of Pokemon Sun and Moon trading cards was launched only in Japan. It includes an awesome detail, which is totally worth it to collect. On the other hand, fans in the U.S. might wait a bit more.

Japan To Be The First To Experience The Pokemon Sun and Moon Trading Cards

According to the commercial, which can be seen down below, Dec. 9 is the launch date of Pokemon Sun and Moon Trading Cards in Japan. Legendary Pokemon Lunala and Solgaleo, can be seen on the commercial, stating that the packs will include such great collectibles. The special abilities of both legendary are quite amazing. Solgaleo can do a massive damage, while Lunala has an effective magical effect, stopping all kinds of healing. A new kind of battle will be experienced with this new Pokemon Trading Card Packs.

When Is The Release Date Of Pokemon Sun and Moon Trading Cards In US?

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Trading Cards was confirmed to be released early in 2017 in the U.S. Although there are no exact dates, rumors believe that it will launch around March 2017 or earlier. Players in the U.S. can no longer wait, as their excitement to collect the new cards are getting high. Using the new pack will definitely change the battle play today. A new kind of strategy and techniques are expected to come, right when the Pokemon Sun and Moon pack is released on the western shores,

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to the getting their own copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which is now available to play on Nintendo 3DS.

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