Eminem's Album To Be Released January 2017, Collaboration With Adele Not Possible

Many had speculated that Eminem would be releasing an album this year, 2016. But it seems like their highest hopes are failing, as sources announced that the rapper is releasing his new record on January 25 next year. The album is entitled 'Success' and would allegedly feature different artists collaborating with Eminem.

Eminem Will Be Releasing His Album Next Year, What Should Viewers Expect From The Rapper?

According to Ecumenical News, the record is setting bars high as it would include 21 unique tracks with songs that could last from three to six minutes. Viewers should savor every song that would feature collaboration like 'Everyday' with Chance the Rapper and 'Bulletproof' with Mastein.

With its alleged release date being spread, different publications reminded every viewer to not take the information very seriously. As of today, the producers of the record did not confirm or deny all of the existing rumors spreading online.

Eminem Collaborates With Different Artists For His Album, Seeing Him And Adele Sing One Track Is Nearly Impossible

Furthermore, there has also been an issue raised that Adele would be doing a collaboration with Eminem. The singer is set to sing the carrier single 'Success' with the rapper. However, some were doubtful with the both of them working together. News publication stated:

 "While others are excited with the rumored artists that will appear in the said album, some are doubtful that Adele and Eminem would work together,"

"Others are also finding it hard to believe that a solo album could have so many collaborated tracks"

It was remembered that before Eminem became the god of rap, he had to go through different series of testing as a rapper and a performer. Now, he enjoys all the fame and fortune that he is getting due to hard work.

With all of this, fans are hopeful that the 'Success' album would be the best record that Eminem could release to date.


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