‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Episode 3 News, Spoilers: Mimikyu Hates Pikachu; Ash Learns What Not To Do When Capturing Mimikyu

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" episode 3 introduced more Pokemon characters in Alola region. Ash just received a new Pokedex from Professor Kukui and this one is quite chatty since Rotom went inside the device. While in school, the professor allowed the class to go out so Ash can catch his first Pokemon in Alola.

"Pokemon Sun And Moon" Episode 3: Mimikyu Unveiled

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon" episode 3, Ash went into the forest with his classmates with the intent of catching his first Pokemon.

Team Rocket decided to go to Alola after being commanded that they need to catch more Pokemon. The villains went into the forest and saw a Pokemon wearing a disguise that looked like a haphazardly drawn Pikachu. Meowth tried to use his Fury Swipes but it did not do any damage. When he tried to take a peek under the disguise, he was transported to a scary world.

Meanwhile, Ash and his group traveled the same path and Team Rocket decided to hide in the bushes after catching a glimpse of their party. Ash immediately spotted Mimikyu and tried to capture it but Pikachu's Iron Tail and Electro Ball did not hurt the Pokemon.

"Pokemon Sun And Moon" Mimikyu's Secrets

Ash realized that close combat is not an option after Pikachu's Iron Tail attack. Mimikyu is a Ghost and Fairy-type Pokemon and Special Defense is among its strongest suits; hence, it was able to repel the attacks. Ash was about to launch another attack on Mimikyu but Team Rocket appeared.

During the altercation, Mimikyu decided to take Team Rocket's side because he hates Pikachu. Meowth explained that Mimikyu wore the Pikachu disguise because it dislikes the mouse Pokemon. Before the fight between Pikachu and Mimikyu could happen, a Kiteruguma popped up and took Jessie and James with it. Meowth took Mimikyu with him in an attempt to rescue the abducted Team Rocket members.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" episode 3 introduced Mimikyu as a Pokemon with the ability to repel different attacks. In the game version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon," Mimikyu are immune to the attacks of Dragon, Fighting and Normal Pokemon. Bug attacks are also not a problem for this Pokemon and its only weakness is the Ghost and Steel types.

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