'The Flash' Season 3 News Update: Julian's Confirm Villain, Is He Doctor Alchemy?

'The Flash' Episode 7 Season 3 already answered that long-time question of the fans regarding the character of Julian. The episode revealed that Julian is an antagonist. The character has been long speculated to be a villain but fans hesitated to judge him as such in the previous episodes.

Julian Albert Is Not Dr. Alchemy, 'The Flash' Season 7 Episode 3 Proves It

According to Movie News Guide, Julian Albert was proven not to be Dr. Alchemy as the seventh episode gave conclusions regarding the speculations that fans have formulated for the longest time. Here are the reasons why:

In the recent episode, Julian was really frightened by Savitar's voice that he had to run out of the hospital. Fans speculated that if Julian is Dr. Alchemy, he would not be afraid of the voice as he is already familiar with the character. Some also reiterated that the two have worked together before. Thus, there should be no room for shock or fear.

Also, some thinks that Julian Albert is just a clear duplicate of Dr. Alchemy. It was speculated that the real Dr. Alchemy is dead proving that Albert is just a doppelganger.

Not just that, it was also point out that Julian looks confused in the finale of the seventh episode. It seems like he has never been conscious of his identity as a villain. Is it possible that every time he wears the mask, he is in a new identity?

With regards to the identity of Dr. Alchemy, sources told that Tobin Bell, the voice behind Jigsaw, would also be the working voice of Dr. Alchemy.

Fans from all over the world are looking forward for greater things ahead with regards to 'The Flash'. It is expected that there would be twists and turns happening around the life of each and every character that is vital in the series.

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