Niantic Reveals Plans Following Ditto's Release In Pokemon GO

A lot of things have happened to Pokemon GO lately. There's Ditto, the highly anticipated Pokemon with the ability to transform to any creature at will. And not just that, a new XP event was unleashed, giving players a quick boost. While this may be good enough to bring the hype back again, Niantic isn't done yet. The studio plans to release a major update next month, promising a deluge of hefty features. And to put the cherry on top, multiple real world events are to be expected.

According to Express, the upcoming update is set to bring two massive features to the game. The interesting part here is the fact that it'll introduce all of the Pokemon in the second generation. Nevertheless, it remains a mystery if this will include the Legendary monsters. Fortunately, the studio has revealed its plans to the public.

In an interview with MCV UK, Niantic's very own CMO Mike Quigley admitted that the Pokemon GO developers have plans on releasing more special events and expansions, among others. The community is expected to know more about these "in the weeks ahead."

Referring to the company's "core attributes," Quigley stated that "exploration and discovery" are their main priorities. This is to be followed by "health and fitness," as they wish to get players back and active. To complete the list, the CMO deemed real world social interaction as one of their objectives.

Quigley pointed out that they, as a team, recognize the importance of social network, especially its impact to their game Pokemon GO. "Getting people together" while giving them a "positive shared experience" are among the attributes that the studio believes in.

With that, the executive mentioned about real world events being a major player in their goal to bring the Augmented Reality (AR) game back to its former glory. He cited the event they did in San Francisco, something that attracted around 9,500 players. This one alone proved just how powerful these sort of gigs are.

What do you think about Pokemon GO having real world events? What can you say about Mike Quigley's statements? Any expectations you have for these events? Be sure to share to us what you think at the comment section below!

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