Final Fantasy XV Characters Are Crazy About Nissin Cup Noodles

Final Fantasy XV will be released today, Nov. 29 and those waiting for FFXV are over the moon after months of anticipation. By now, it is already common knowledge that cooking will be one of the in-game features of this game. But what's surprising is it's obeisance to one product: the Nissin cup noodles.

The Nissin cup noodles did not just appear once in the game and its appearance was not as subtle. Even the Final Fantasy XV characters made references about it in different parts of the game. Homage or not, Nissin has managed to create a cute and effective product placement in the game.

The Nissin cup noodles first appeared in the first city the Final Fantasy XV characters will visit. As they get out of the car in the car park, they will be greeted by a van with the familiar logo. When Gladiolus notices it later on, he could not contain his excitement and wants to check it immediately. In one clip, he even lectures his allies how good a Nissin's cup noodle is.

He began telling them that good food tastes even better when it has the best ingredients. He called the mixture of these ingredients with the cup noodles as the "ultimate flavor experience." After his lecture, his colleagues just nod their heads in awe imagining eating Nissin cup noodles.

In another scene, the Final Fantasy XV characters all praise the virtues of the cup noodles. What an ingenious strategy for Nissin to place their product in a popular game franchise.

It's not surprising, though, that the FFXV characters love Nissin cup noodles. In Japan, the brand and the food is well-loved and they even have a museum featuring how the cup noodles have evolved in history. Nevertheless, the part was hilarious it sounds like the whole thing was a TV ad and not a game.

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