Why Alola Is Best Thing Ever In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Most players will agree that, by far, Pokemon Sun and Moon are the best games in the whole Pokemon series. And this is due to various reasons, one of which being the enchanted island called Alola. Sure, the newest titles are quite different from any other games in the series; however, if there's one thing that make them significantly unique, it's the aforesaid place -- no doubt about it.

As noted by Inverse, Alola is all about being beautiful and mysterious. It's a fascinating re-imagination of both Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands. There are pine trees swaying along with the breeze. There are also scrubby grass fields adding to the entire beauty of the setting. As what most critics would say, the games are all about enjoying the thrill of catching Pokemon in a paradise.

The publication also mentioned how Alola was carefully designed and/or created in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Not only for the looks, the music placed is also quite captivating. It's worth noting that the soundtrack of the games is heavily based on Hawaiian rhythm and a twist of ukulele. It gives players a fresh experience for a game that's inspired by a theme that's been utilized over and over again.

Apart from that, the way the Pokemon were designed are interesting. It's so obvious that they're developed in a way that they'll complement Alola. And it's very important, so to speak. Why? That's because it creates consistency. It may not directly impact the gameplay experience, it sure is there to evoke emotions.

Furthermore, the trials in Pokemon Sun and Moon let players dig in deeper into the place. As they try to complete these -- which are there to replace the old gym battle system -- they'll begin to appreciate the beauty of the place. Of course, it's accompanied with little anticipation as they try to fight battles and win Pokemon over.

Overall, Alola is best thing about Nintendo's titles. That had the studio opted with a different one -- say, one that's common or whatnot -- the games may not achieve the success they're experiencing today. More importantly, it gives players the reason to delve into the main storyline.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? Do you agree that Alola has brought a huge impact to the games? What can you say about it? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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