Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To Unlock And Drive Airship In The Game

Just like in every 'Final Fantasy' game, the latest version allows players to take over the skies by being a pilot of an airship. It's a feature that must be unlocked to be accessed and that is what this guide aims to provide.

Finish 'Final Fantasy 15' to Unlock Airship in the Game

First and foremost, players will need to finish the game before they can get to step two. After the credit finish rolling, players will be prompted to save their clear data. Then players should reload the game and journey back in the game after Lucis. By doing this, the game will automatically unlock numerous side quests which should include driving the Regalia airship up in the sky.

Take the Side Quest: Formouth Garrison

After accepting the side quest, players should go to Imperial Base and get ready for an epic battle with the boss. Defeat the boss to find the "Strange Engine" item which is the last piece needed to unlock the airship. The first two items should already be in the player's inventory from the story mode's Chapter 5 and 6.

Upgrade Regalia airship to a Type-F

When the side quest is finally completed in 'Final Fantasy 15', players just need to go to Cid's Garage and talk to Cindy. The player will then give her all the parts needed to build the airship so she can fix it. Lastly, the player should present the Regalia Type-F airship to Noctis to officially unlock the feature. Best thing about the airship is that it has an infinite load of fuel so players can go anywhere they like. No need to do a stopover at any gas station.

As an added bonus, completing this mission will also allow the player to get inside the dungeons at night. 'Final Fantasy 15' is now available on Xbox One and PS4.

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