‘Quantico’ Moving To Mondays; Priyanka Chopra & Showrunner Revealed The Shocking Midseason Finale

Drama thriller “Quantico” keeps the mystery alive as it makes the big switch and keeps the storyline electrifying. Check the details below.

Can ABC Save 'Quantico' From Cancellation With Its New Schedule?

“Quantico” will be airing on Monday nights instead of Sunday nights. The writing team of the series announced the change in schedule via Twitter. The show will be occupying the 10 pm slot that "Conviction" is currently airing in.

The said move isn’t surprising as the show has been facing cancellation rumors lately due to its poor ratings. Hopefully, the network would be able to meet their goal of attracting more viewers with its new strategy.

Big Reveals On The 2nd Half Of ‘Quantico’ Season 2

Notably, the midseason finale for "Quantico” is filled with a surprising revelation of Ryan’s (played by Jake McLaughlin) true identity. Episode 8 titled "Odenvy" showed Alex’s fight with a masked terrorist that later turned out to be her ex-fiance, Ryan who is a member of the Citizens' Liberation Front.

The remaining half of the second installment will explain Ryan’s involvement in the terrorist group.

"That was a big shocker. None of us saw that twist coming. I think that takes her a while to also understand and she goes into figuring out why Ryan would do what he did. And the answers will be very interesting. It is a theme of the back half of the season," Chopra said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Series creator Joshua Safran also provided details on the crucial Nimah scene.

"Nimah spills the rhetoric that there is a civil war in this country and we can't pretend it's not here. Like there are civil wars all over the world, instead of pretending it doesn't exist, it's time that we fight. Moving forward, that is the underlying statement and purpose of the season."

When “Quantico” returns in January 23rd, the Indian actress hinted that the show will be “more streamlined” and new characters will join the action-packed program.

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