Nintendo Classic Mini NES' Beats 'PlayStation 4 Pro' And 'Xbox One S' In Sales, But How?

According to several reports, Nintendo's throwback NES console is unanimously the hottest gadget this Christmas, despite being considerably less powerful than the Xbox One S and the PlayStation 4 Pro. If the Nintendo Classic Mini stock shortages will prove anything, it's that Nintendo has still got that golden touch in it.

Mini NES is this year's hottest Gadget

The Mini NES may not be as powerful as the Xbox One S or the PS4, not supporting any sort of 4K resolution and HDR, as well as can't even connect to the internet, but there can still be no doubt that Nintendo's throwback console is this year's hottest gadget to buy.

How did NES do it?

So with all things said, what is it about the Nintendo Classic Mini that has made it such a surprising success? Experts and game analysts look at how the Nintendo Classic Mini bested the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro to win this year's hottest gadget for Christmas.

Simplicity is key

The biggest problem with the Xbox One S and the PS4 Pro is that's it's not really clear who these powerful consoles are aimed at, and why you should buy them. The NES, on the other hand, is simple. It has a very direct approach to any gamer, and its games are pretty straightforward and nostalgic. Sometimes the simple ones tend to be the ones that attract the most buyers.


Let's face it, aside from several titles included in the Xbox One S and PS4, Sony and Microsoft wants you to spend yet another $230-$350 on upgrading your console. It's, no doubt, a lot of money to spend if you're already rocking a regular Xbox One or PS4. The Nintendo Console only costs $50. No more no less.

Appealing to every type of gamer

With the combination of simplicity and extreme affordability, the Nintendo Classic Mini isn't a technological powerhouse that appeals to just the hardcore gamers, it also appeals to the casual one as well.

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