No Man's Sky Foundation Update Convinces Players To Come Back; Land Vehicles To Be Added?

No Man's Sky players came back by the thousands after the recent Foundation update. The game may expect more players to come if it continues to add more new features such as land vehicles.

Foundation Update Attracted Former Players

Former No Man's Sky players came back after game developer, Hello Games added a Foundation Update. The space exploration game managed to a few thousand people to come back and play the game again based on the Steam Charts which can be seen here. The Foundation update enables players to construct their own base on a planet of their own choosing.

No Man's Sky is basically in the middle of Steam Charts' Top 100 games. But considering that it lost more than 90 percent of its players in the span of two weeks, its recent placing is quite respectable for the moment.

No Man's Sky Critics Surprised

Hello Games received a barrage of criticisms from players for No Man's Sky. A lot of former players demanded a refund from Steam and Sony's PlayStation network. Most of the criticism focused on the absence of many promised features in the game. Many were disappointed that No Man's Sky does not have a multiplayer feature although Hello Games CEO Sean Murray did warned of its absence.

The massive drop of a game's player base can tempt developers to simply drop the game title. Hello Games however persevered and continued in giving out updates. Fortunately, the developer's tenacity paid off and it's giving reasons for players to return to No Man's Sky. Those who deleted the space exploration sim however, will need to buy it again to see and try the recent changes.

No Man's Sky - Land Vehicles Update

Data miners uncovered codes indicating that No Man's Sky may soon have land vehicles included in the game. This can help players explore the planet's terrain more quickly. Hopefully, this will add more players to the game.

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