Final Fantasy XV Guide, Tips, Tricks: How To Get And Play Soundtracks In Game

Final Fantasy XV players will have the chance to play and listen to their favorite FF soundtracks in the game. Here are some quick tips on how turn on the Regalia's stereo.

FF Soundtracks Will Cost You

There are around 18 soundtracks scattered throughout the game and the price will range from 100 to 500 Gil from various Auto shop vendors. The soundtracks were collected from previous Final Fantasy installments which is probably why the titles have the word "Memories" included. The first two soundtracks are available in the Hammerhead and will cost a hundred Gil each. Final Fantasy XV players can buy an FF soundtrack in Longwythe Rest Area and Galdi Quay, both located in Leide.

There is a soundtrack available in Coernix Station Alstor and Wiz Chocobo Post while there are two for sale in Coernix Station Cauthess. All the three mentioned places are located in Duscae. In Lestallum, there are two soundtracks that can be bought for 100 Gil at the Coernix Station - Cleigne. The two soundtracks in Old Lestallum - Cleigne however, will set back players for 500 Gil each. The Burbost Sovuenir Emporium - Cleigne has five soundtracks but much cheaper at 100 Gil each. The final soundtrack is located at Verinas Mart - Ravatogh and could be bought for 100 Gil.

How to Play and Listen to FF Soundtrack in the Regalia

The Regalia do not have a playlist that players can turn on or soundtrack selection to choose from. The soundtrack could be chosen with use of the left and right D-pad buttons. A quicker way is to hold the either the D-pad's left or right button until soundtrack or album is changed. Every FF soundtrack collected is put in order to hasten the music selection. Final Fantasy XV has recently been released but a lot of players are saying many positive things about the game probably because of its cool sounds.

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