Final Fantasy XV Guide, Tips: How To Combat And Defeat High Level Enemies

Final Fantasy XV players will encounter a lot of stronger enemies in the game. Fortunately there is way to fight and defeat even higher level opponents.

Focus On Slow Moving Enemies

Final Fantasy XV players in theory can defeat enemies that are more than 15 levels above them. The enemy however, should be a slow moving one and not with regular or fast movements. The reason for this is obvious, since attacks from a slow moving enemy is easily avoided and players can anticipate almost immediately their movements.

Skills Needed To Take Down Enemy

Reddit poster Gouvency recommends Stalker and Warp Factor as well as Chained Fury. Teamwork skills Link up and Super Link Up works quite effectively against higher level opponents. Final Fantasy XV should concentrate attacking from the rear in order to raise the chances of activating the Link attack.

Practice your blocking move in order to avoid getting a direct hit from the enemy. For Final Fantasy XV console players, double tap the defense button in order to move out of the way and heal your characters

Use Potions Not Elixirs If Possible

It is advisable to buy a lot of Normal potions instead of Elixirs. Players recount that Elixirs can be found in the game. Each time your character is wounded by a higher level enemy, pull back and drink as many potions as possible to heal the wounds. After the battle, players can heal a lot faster if they enjoy a hearty meal in one of the several restaurants available in the game.

Avoid Hunting or Fighting at Night

It generally recommended not to hunt at night unless absolutely necessary. Avoid fighting high level enemies that can spawn. Don't press your luck fighting enemy way above your level during nighttime. Final Fantasy XV players should stay in the safe areas and spend the night in hotels if possible since it's a great EXP multiplier.

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