Final Fantasy XV Insight: Game Is So Awesome That You Wouldn't Notice These Little Details

Final Fantasy XV Cruising PS4
Games and absolute minute details don't coexist a lot, but Final Fantasy XV is working hard to get both to you at the same time. Photo : YouTube / Good Ol' Vibes

Final Fantasy XV probably is the best RPG to have come out. The game took 10 years to develop and it was worth the wait. Today, we tackle the little details that we bet you have missed appreciating due to the game's vastness. 

When a game is too exciting and too big, it's the little things that count and play with our sub-conscious. These tiny details in Final Fantasy XV may not mean anything to the player but they are like little nails in a huge wooden ship that fasten things together, convincing whoever's playing that they are in another reality. Here are some of the tiniest details we are sure you missed appreciating so grab that pen and paper and look at these the next time you play the game.

Detailed Unique Character Marks

Similarly done with the game's environment, Final Fantasy XV's team has been crafting their character details to the highest level possible. Hair strands, for one, have been crafted by hand so it will look life-like. Characters in this game have their own unique body attributes and there's a big chance you've just ignored them. Cid has freckles on his nose and a mole on the right-hand side of his neck. Other characters have similar qualities too. These unique marks make the characters appear more human.

Detailed Rock Erosion Lines

The game's environment is very detailed that you'd forget that you are in a video game. The huge world of Eos alone isn't the only source of impressive details. It has people, things, and other stuff that inhabit it. Games have been striving hard to make their mountains or rocks look detailed but Final Fantasy XV just went further and bothered to make rock erosion lines more detailed. Each rock seemingly has its own signature erosion lines that make it unique to the rock beside it.

Detailed Water Droplets on Regalia

When it rains, it pours, it also leaves water droplets on your car. It's not always sunny in Eos so the designers would need to make the Regalia look 'wet' after the rain. Also, the way the droplets behave at high speeds are perfectly simulated.

Detailed Real Leather

The details on the character's leather apparel are strikingly detailed. From grooves, to wrinkle, to lighting, to anything you can really compare to real world leather, the similarity is uncanny. Final Fantasy XV is by far has the best leather details for character clothing.

Detailed Leaf Beneath the Rice Rolls

Check out the rice balls; now check out the leaf beneath it. Though it has no practical use, the team behind Final Fantasy still bothered to make the leaf as realistic as possible. Other dishes have their own tiny but very detailed decorations. Check out the food stuff when you're back in the game.

Detailed Reactions When the Car Brakes Too Hard

Every game that has a car scene with the group will try their best to simulate the reactions when the car accelerates or decelerates. Final Fantasy XV has took these details into the next level. When the brake is applied hard, the characters in it would also 'feel' the quick deceleration. When you are driving along a beautiful view, the characters would appreciate the scenery.

So, these are some of the tiny details that you haven't appreciated yet in Final Fantasy XV. Now, go back to the game and check them out, piece by piece.

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