Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Upgrade Your Weapons

By Mario Ferrari , Dec 02, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Weapon upgrades are very much important in Final Fantasy XV. You'll need to level up your armaments if you want to be sure to take down your enemies as easy as possible and win battles. Here's a guide on how to upgrade weapons on Final Fantasy XV.

Find Cactuar Needle For Auto Crossbow

In the course of your journey at the Royal Tomb in Tomb of the Wise, you can look for the Auto Crossbow right on the ground. From level 1, you can upgrade it using a Cactuar Needle which you can take hold of only if you can slay a Cactuar. This creature isn't too powerful but you can earn a ton of experience points from killing it agile. Be careful because even if they're not strong enough to take you down, they can flee without you noticing it. Summon Cactuar into a duel by using the Beast Whistle.

Find Dynamo For Bio Blaster

Outside the lobby of Kaycatrich Trench, you can catch the Bio Blaster on the left side. From level 1, you can upgrade this weapon using a Dynamo which you can find in a treasure chest at the estuary of a river. From the entrance of the dungeon, trace the rive stream going to its mouth. A gigantic level 50 snake might get in the way so you'll have to be ready. You can take it down around level 40 and with the help of potent spells.

Find Sturdy Helixhorn For Engine Blade

Engine Blade is your earliest weapon. It can become your most powerful armament if you upgrade it to its maximum potential. From level 1, you can use Rusty Bit to upgrade it to level 2. You can look for it anywhere-at the tunnel of Kaycatrich Trench, inside a room with a lightning elemental node, in Galdin Quay, at Prairie Outpost, inside Greyshire Glacial Grotto, inside Fociaugh Hollow, Ballouve Mines, Cauthesss Disc and Taelpar Rest area outpost.

From level 2, you can use Glass Gemstone to upgrade it to level 3. Find can have this item as a drop at the Crestholm Channels after you beat the boss. Take note however that your opponents here are level 50 so you better be ready. Glass Gemstone can also be found south west of Cape Caem near a Lighthouse. Next to this is a building, get inside and find the glaring item.

From level 3, use Sturdy Helixhorn to upgrade to level 4. This is the hardest to find. After meeting with Cid, proceed to the Old Lestallum Outpost in Cleigne. Inside next to the diner, a local tipster will inform you of your hunt "The Last Spiracorns." In this quest, you'll need to attack the Duplicorn in the horn for it to drop the item. Repeat the process until you succeed.

Find Coeurl Whiskers For Drain Lance

Drain Lance can be obtained as you enter your main quest. From level 1, you can upgrade it with a Metal Bit. To upgrade it from level 2, you'll need to find Coeurl Whiskers which can be difficult because it spawns very rarely. Try finding it in the morning at the Kaycatrich Ruins north east of the map. You can also look for it somewhere in Kelbass Grasslands and Secullam Pass.

Find Sky Gemstone For Circular Saw

Circular Saw can be leveled up using a Sky Gemstone. During the Feline Feast quest, look for the vendor at Cape Caem to buy a cat food for 20,000 gil. Give this to the cat you've interacted with previously and it'll give you with Sky Gemstone in exchange. Also, this item can be earned by at the beginning of chapter 12 with you speak to Maria.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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