Final Fantasy XV Tips & Tricks: How To Execute Blitz, Finishers, Blindsides And More Combat Combos For Greater Damage

By Mario Ferrari , Dec 02, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV brings a competitive combat that you can take advantage. Here's a combat guide on how to execute Blitz, Finishers, Directional Attacks, Aerial Attacks, Blindsides and Warp-strikes combos to inflict greater damage towards your enemies.

Final Fantasy XV - How To Execute Blitz

Blitz is an auto-attack that can be performed by press holding circle or B to execute a basic combo that finishes in a culmination attack. Machinery weapons can be used once. Greatswords has the longest Blitz combo while daggers has the shortest. If you're using Noctis with a melee weapon, pressing L locked at your aim can warp your opponent with the first smash of your combo. This doesn't require any MP and reaches your opponent fast.

Right above the tech bar on the left side, you can tell the success rate of your attacks, using the combo counter. Take note that whenever you're interjected by something (damage, attack, etc. from the enemy) the counter goes full circle.

Final Fantasy XV - How To Execute Finishers

Finisher is gives you optimum advantage, plus extra bonuses for your successful attacks. You can do Finisher immediately after stopping Blitz combo by releasing the circle or B and pressing it once more. For Noctis, it is available with almost all weapons when the character takes a step back. For swords though, you need to press circle or B immediately after it starts to fade out while Noctis' rights arms goes outward.

Final Fantasy XV - How To Execute Directional Attacks

Directional attacks can be activated after a first hit combo. Take note that weapons that can perform Blitz combos can also do this. Twist L and press hold the attack button to execute Directional Attack. Remember that each weapon differs in this attack.

Final Fantasy XV - How To Execute Aerial Attacks

Aerial Attacks can be done by remaining suspended in the air using a polearm, sword or any weapon that can do Blitz combo. For Death Drop ability though, you can only utilize polearm or sword. Unlock the Airstep Ascension ability before you can perform this attack. This ability allows you to close in from a distance without exhausting too much MP as a warp-strike. Take note that acquiring the Osmostrike Ascension ability make your aerial attacks that connect recover MP.

Final Fantasy XV - How To Execute Blindsides

Blindsides automatically ensues when you attack an opponent from the back. When executing Blindside, the rest of your team obtains a damage multiplier 1.5 times. To make the most of its damage bonus, execute Blindsides with roll-dodging as part of a hit-and-run playstyle using either greatsword or daggers. With daggers though, Noctis' multiplier boosts up to 2 times upon learning the Stalker and Super Stalker Ascension abilities.

Final Fantasy XV - How To Execute Warp-Strikes

Warp-strikes is very much powerful that it can prevent your opponent from lodging an attack. You get 1 AP every time you beat an opponent with this. Warp-strike can be done by pressing triangle or Y while locked on. Each warp requires you 30 MP and can be performed in series.

It is best to use this attack at a distance since it inflicts more damage. The farthest can multiply 4 times the damage. Shirt distance Warp-strike attack can only get you 1 or .5 multiplier but Poin-Blank Warp-strike Ascension ability can prevent this. Most importantly, you have to remember that you have to take advantage of Noctis' invincibility at the beginning of the warping animation by dodging in the air before learning Airslip, flying through pprojectiles without dealing with damage and sustaining you combo counter.

Final Fantasy XV is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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