No Man's Sky Players Can Now Send Short Messages To Each Other: Multiplayer Prelude?

No Man's Sky players can now send short messages to each other in the game. This may be a prelude to some sort of multiplayer feature being added later on.

No Man's Sky Foundation Update

The recent No Man's Sky "Foundation" update now allows players to send short notes to one another. Reddit user Mikefamey posted an image in which he received a very short message from another player. Other NMS players also made screenshots of the messages they received which can be seen here.

How to Encounter Messages

Sending messages in No Man's Sky is the easy part; the difficult part is getting it read by another player. The Reddit poster suggested that players are likely to encounter such messages in the galactic center rather on the fringes.

NMS players can increase their chances of getting their messages read if they can find another player online. This can be accomplished by using the Galactic map's scan button. Ask the other player if he or she is still in the scanned system. If the answer yes, go to the system and put a text on their communication station. Even if the two players are located in the same spot, they will not see each other. They could only communicate within the game through messages passed to the communication station.

Hello Games Creating Multiplayer Functions?

No Man's Sky developer has brought significant changes with its Foundation update. The game was embroiled in controversy upon its release. Many players complained loudly complained that Hello Games misrepresented the game. However, the investigating body recently cleared the developer of any wrongdoing. Another major complaint is the lack of multiplayer features of the game. No Man's Sky suffered more than a 90 percent drop of its player base on Steam but some players return after the recent update.

The recent Foundation update however, seems to indicate that Hello Games is slowly introducing multiplayer functions to No Man's Sky. Adding such feature, no matter how minor can go a long way in providing incentives for former players to come back.

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