Final Fantasy XV Guide To Character Progression

Final Fantasy XV Guide To Character Progression
Final Fantasy XV characters become stronger the more you play the game. Photo : Push Square/YouTube

As you play more of Final Fantasy XV, you will notice that the level difficulty becomes tougher. But you can win all those quests and side quests if you make your characters stronger. With that in mind, this guide to Character Progression in FFXV will help you understand how you can optimize your characters and make them better, stronger and more equipped for combat during the game. Ready? Read on!

Get More APs To Unlock Abilities In The Ascension Grid

Another way to help your character progress in Final Fantasy XV is to unlock more game abilities. But this would require Ability Points (APs) and at a great number. The Ascension Grid is the key to make your character very powerful because you can unlock all the combat power that you will need from there in FFXV.

Bear in mind that your total APs are divided into all characters you have in FFXV. This only means that if you have a total of 50 APs, then Noctis and the gang will have to share those points. It's too little isn't it? Ability Points are quite hard to come by in Final Fantasy XV. But there's a way how you can earn AP fast. Also, you will need plenty of APs because unlocking abilities in the Ascension Grid is not really cheap. If you want to know how much APs you will have to spend, SegmentNext has a breakdown you can check for what you will need to unlock abilities on the Grid.

Gain More XP

One of the best ways to strengthening your character and upping your stats in Final Fantasy XV is by gaining more Experience Points or XPs. You can do this by completing quests and bringing down all your enemies to heel. The harder the quests - or the harder the enemy to kill - the more the XP you gain in FFXV. Interactive conversations also help you earn XPs together with resting.

The reason why you have to gain more XP to help your character progress in the game is because you can only deal more damage if you have a high level of XP available. You will also become more susceptible to enemy damage when you have more XP. If you can, choose a quest of a higher level to help you more XP. If you can't, then take the recommended quests for your level to get the XP you need.

Update And Upgrade Gear

Of course, one of the best ways to help you team progress in Final Fantasy XV is to use better and upgraded weapons. When you do this, you get bonus points and other rewards just because you update and upgrade weapons. Besides, some weapons lose their usefulness unless you upgrade them. The yellow plus sign that you see on the screen for your weapons means that they are upgradeable.

It's also helpful if you can switch using different weapons when you are in battle, which means that you should have more than just one weapon in your arsenal. Also, the more powerful your weapons are, the more the points and rewards you get. Just ensure that the weapons you're going to have are really helpful for the quests you are currently completing.

Switch Between Active And Passive Skills

You may not know it yet but even as an action game, Final Fantasy XV allows you to progress your character with passive abilities. How? It might be that you equip your accessories and make it better. Scan your enemies for their weakness or simply rest. All these things help you gain APs and XPs as well. It might not be as active as when you are fighting monsters or Daemons but it helps your Character Progression in FFXV.

Craft Powerful Spells And Be Active In Combat

Most importantly, you can help your characters progress the best into Final Fantasy XV when you let them engage in combat. FFXV combat mode is more fast-paced and your enemies will keep coming whether you like or not. This is what makes the latest Final Fantasy installment fun and a challenge to play. Since your enemies abound in every quest, you can fight them off using several techniques and find out which moves are best to kill them off easy into the game.

Also, remember that no one wins in the world of Final Fantasy without being skillful when it comes to magic and making powerful spells. Create even more damage to your enemies when you fight with plenty of spells up your sleeves. Our advice? Show off your best abilities. The visuals that Final Fantasy XV has at the moment is one of the bests and the effects of your attacks plus the magic spells you will throw at those vicious monsters will not disappoint you on-screen.

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