Top 4 Ways To Dominate Overwatch Season 3 Competitive Play

Top 4 Ways To Dominate Overwatch Season 3 Competitive Play
The 3rd Season of Competitive Play has finally arrived to Overwatch. Photo : MyNameIsCosmic/YouTube

It's safe to say that Overwatch is among the most highly celebrated first-person shooter games in recent memory. And why is that? Well, that's because players like the kind of style the game has. In its most organic form, it really isn't that hard to play. However, when players try to test their luck in Competitive Play (one of the game's modes), it's when things are starting to get serious.

Just recently, the title's 3rd CP Season has arrived. And along with new changes, a new system is applied. Ranking now, compared in the previous season, is a bit of a challenge. Players will have to literally work hard to climb the rankings. But hey, this is primarily the reason why this article is written -- to help you compete in this mode. Below are 4 easy ways to dominate in the new season of the game's Competitive Play.

Don't Just Main A Single Hero, Learn More

It's already not a secret in Overwatch that there are certain players who stick to their go-to characters. For instance, they try to main Hanzo or Genji, both of which are considered among the most favorite ones. Sure, this is fine and acceptable, but only if you're playing Quick Play. If you want to take your chances in the Competitive mode, you need to know how to play most of the heroes in the category. Or, at least, stick to two or three characters other than your typical Mei or Lucio. The key is to be able to understand how each hero works. That way, when you're using or facing them in Competitive matches, you have concrete knowledge as to how they work.

Switching Characters Should Be Done In A Timely Manner

I've seen a lot of players who, at first spawn, will pick a support hero (say, Lucio or Zenyatta). But later on, seemingly bored with their roles, they tend to switch to another one. They either go for a dps character or a defense dude like Hanzo. Now, this is actually a very bad idea, especially if you picked a support hero at first. You're basically leaving your team under a serious disadvantage.You're leaving them with no support hero to heal them.

But of course, it doesn't mean that you need not to switch Overwatch characters. You still have to understand and determine which hero is going to counter the opponents'. But if you are to switch, you need to do it quick. Don't wait for a few re-spawns to happen before you decide to do so. Remember: the longer you do it, the more damage it can give to your team.

Know Every Corner Of The Maps

Believe it or not, but one of the keys to achieving victory in Competitive Play is map knowledge. The sad thing, though, is that most players undermined this strategy. They think that map doesn't make a huge difference in their winning percentage. Well, that's a wrong thinking there. As a player, you need to know where the health packs are, which areas can be considered chokepoints (say for delivering flank damages) and which corner is best to position a turret or something.

Don't Be A Toxic Player

Wow. This is actually the worst experience I've ever had in Overwatch. I've seen a lot players who go gaga just because, say, the supports missed to heal them. You see, this is a very unacceptable attitude. In the game, you go there as a team and you battle as a team. Just because the other player failed to do his/her role doesn't mean you already have the golden ticket to be a toxic player. Forget and play. But of course, you can explain your side. Just don't get to the point that you'll become a toxic player and ruin the game. After all, you're not the one paying their internet fees and such. Besides, it's just a game. Alright?

What are your thoughts on this Overwatch guide? Any other Competitive Play tips you can add? Be sure to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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