Overwatch Cheaters Complain As Blizzard Implements Perma Bans

Cheating is among the deadly sins in any games, and Overwatch is no exception to that. It doesn't only present unfairness, it also affects the entire gameplay -- in a bad note, of course. Well, fortunately, Blizzard is onto something real nice. The studio has reportedly implemented a new wave of permanent bans, targeting particularly those aimbot users.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the titular game is suffering from a deluge of cheaters thanks to an infamous aimbot. It's designed to help players make an efficient hit, as the cursor tends to go near to the opponent. (It won't work if the crosshair is far from the enemy).

The only thing, though, is that this Overwatch cheat is a hard one to catch. Why? That's because it's developed in a way that it'll miss a couple of shots occasionally. As a result, one will think that the player using it is just simply good, as it appears to be natural.

Fortunately, as reported by Kotaku, a couple of players are saying that Blizzard banned them for using cheats. The publication states that Blizzard is actually aware of these exploitations, contrary to popular belief. The move happened following a recent update, which also introduced a new map in the PTR.

One Overwatch player pointed out that he only used the cheat "one time," yet Blizzard banned him. Others even went on to say that they thought it's completely untraceable, thus it's safe to use. Well, unfortunately for them, it's the end of their glory days. Surprisingly, some players are suggesting about suing Blizzard. Wow! These players just have the nerve.

Among the cheats the studio took down is called Highnoon, which also contains an aimbot. It also removes the burden of recoiling, with a script that allows players to bunnyhop their way through the battlefield. These users, as of this writing, have also been banned.

It's worth noting that among these Overwatch aimbot cheats was created by a Blizzard employee. The latter is known to be Godfrey, though he uses a different name in-game -- Raiden, that is. As of this writing, no one has proof to this claim.

What are your thoughts on the perma ban Blizzard implemented to Overwatch? Do you agree that these players deserve this kind of punishment? Share your thoughts at the comment section below!

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