'The Blacklist' Season 4 Episode 8 And 9 Spoilers: Katarina Rostova Returns As Villain

'The Blacklist' has been one of the most-known TV series to date. And as it unfolds another episode in its fourth season, an old character is all set to return on the show. 'The Blacklist' Season 4 Episode 8 features the comeback of Katarina Rostova, played by Lotte Verbeek. But this time, she comes back ready to slay the protagonist of the series.

Katarina Rostova Returns In The Show As A Villain, Here's What Viewer Should Expect From Her

According to Movie News Guide, the show already hinted the comeback of Rostova. She was reportedly coming back as a villain in the show. Back in the previous installments, it was revealed that Raymond Reddington, played by James Spader, delivered a message from Katarina which yield to a clip showing Liz Keen mourning over the disappearance of Raymond Reddington.

Fans from all over the world are greatly excited to see the former character of the show come back and be reunited with her colleagues, Raymond Reddington and Liz Keen.

'The Blacklist' Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers: Who's The Spy Of The Team?

On the other hand, another set of updates from the Episode 9 circulated around the online community. It was told that there is a spy inside the elite team of Red. Fans are in great distress and concluded that Samar, portrayed by Mozhan Marno, is the mole that the news was pertaining to.

Furthermore, Red is taking his own steps to uncover the traitor on his team. He revealed that he would immediately inform Harold, played by Henry Lennix, once he knows the identity of the alleged more.

Besides Samar, three names are also added in the list of the suspect as a traitor: Ressler, Liz and Aram. With this fans are asking: who is the real spy and why is he doing it?

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