Pokemon Go Tips, Tricks, Guide: Another Migration Took Place; How To Figure Out Which Nearby Nests Changed?

Pokemon Go nest migration has once again took place. To find out which nearby nests have been changed, the Pokemon Go players can turn to a website for more helpful tips.

The nests in Pokemon Go are said to be areas where a vast volume of the same species of Pokemon is expected to be captured. That said, Niantic changes what species spawn randomly in any nest to keep things fresh. This means that while the actual nest migration in Pokemon Go remains the same, the new Pokemon will be there.

Based on reports, the latest migration in Pokemon Go happened in Dec. 1, which is the eighth migration since Pokemon Go was released in July. However, this migration is generally random, which means not every Psyduck or Charmander nest will have the same change.

Nevertheless, Pokemon Go players may use the website The Silph Road for more helpful tips on what nests have changed. According to reports, the players around the world report on this map the nest sightings, and that the service allows them to see the recent reports to check the recent migration. If the reports about a nest came prior to Dec. 1, then these reports are believed to be no longer accurate.

Meanwhile, Nintendo may have scored a hit with the successful release of Pokemon Go. However, Sony has reportedly dispatched its competitor with a mobile game named Fate - Grand Order, which is based on an anime TV series titled Fate that allows the players the chance to travel back in time and team up with some historical names like Leonardo da Vinci and Julius Caesar. Although the basic version if offered free to play, the players can pay for the tokens to make it easier to add more characters and fast track the gameplay.

Fate Grand Order has been reported to have earned more profit than Pokemon Go among the Android users 104 out of 133 days in 2016, and 51 days on iOS device in the same period. 


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