Final Fantasy XV Appears Last Time In Famitsu Most Wanted; Dragon Quest 11 PS4, Final Fantasy 7 Remake To Get Ranking Chance?

Final Fantasy XV  will appear for the last time on the newest Famitsu Most Wanted weekly charts, following an appearance in some form for ten years now. Starting this week, Final Fantasy XV, which is already released, will not be included in the Most Wanted charts. That said, other games are expected to show up on the ranking.

Given that Final Fantasy XV is confirmed not to appear any more in the Famitsu Most Wanted, other games like Dragon  Quest 11, which was ranked at number 2 for the PS4 and number 4 for the 3DS version, will finally have a chance to rank at number 1. However, reports also suggest that Final Fantasy 7 Remake may likely appear in the charts in the top spot.

For now, the gaming fans would have to wait, although some believe that without Final Fantasy XV on the Famitsu Most Wanted lists would be very differently, given the fact that the game has been on the charts for a long time. Meanwhile, as Final Fantasy XV has been already out, gamers are said to be excited to conquer every nook and cranny of the game's densely-packed world.

Mastering elemancy and power-leveling, including getting all 13 Royal Arms will help the players as they advance through the game. However, they are required to maximize their AP in order to master also the combat in Final Fantasy XV.

As Final Fantasy XV reports indicate, the key to maximizing the player's AP in Final Fantasy XV is to unlock the Exploration nodes in Ascension. It is linked to the things that the players are expected to do such as driving and camping in the Regalia as well as riding Chocobos in order to earn the rewards for as long as possible. In addition, the players may also want to unlock the Magic nodes in Ascension to unleash the reported most damaging magic against all enemies in the first half of Final Fantasy XV. Watch Final Fantasy XV: NEW Famitsu Gameplay

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