Final Fantasy XV Tips & Tricks: Complete Guide On Battle System

Final Fantasy XV is said to be centered on a red circle on the mini map that turns out to be the battle area. The battle system of Final Fantasy XV is reportedly filled with moving parts that may be difficult to master. However, the system is also full of features like Warp strikes and Elemancy to aid the players to conquest.

The Final Fantasy XV battle system reportedly sports a new feature called the Wait Mode in the Options Menu. This feature may pause the combat to allow players to scan their enemies and the team's health. Switching between weapons and spells may be done as well. Note that the battle resumes after the blue bar at the bottom of the screen wears down.

The battle system in Final Fantasy XV reportedly include a special attack from Noctis, the Warp Strike. The Final Fantasy XV element may be used to target an enemy from behind with Blindside attacks. Note however that warp strikes drain MP. Additionally, the high points that glow in blue are known as Warp Points which may be used to regain MP and health.

In addition, an elemental magic called Elemancy may also be found in Final Fantasy 15. It is said that Noctis may use magic from fire, lightning and blizzard deposits. It has been noted that magic spells may be used in battle in Final Fantasy XV. Note that the spells may be created in the Elemency section in the menu.

In other news, The Final Fantasy XV battle system is said to be complex but works better after much practice. Additionally, the system reportedly gives more control to the players of Final Fantasy XV. The game is said to be the franchise that puts all the eggs in one basket.

Final Fantasy XV has also been praised for the Eos that reportedly sports a Venice-like Altissia as well as a stunning environmental design. The game also features an auto-drive Regalia with fast travel and options to shop for potions while driving. Final Fantasy XV also reportedly sports a fishing mini-game. Watch the Beginner's Guide to FFXV Combat System here:

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