Final Fantasy XV Guide, Tips, Tricks: How To Get And Upgrade Drillbreaker

By Nick Halden , Dec 05, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV players will need to embark on a side quest before they can get their hands on of the Drillbreaker. Upgrading it further will make the weapon even more powerful than it is already is.

FF XV Quest For the Drillbreaker

The Drillbreaker in Final Fantasy XV is described as a big and heavy hi-tech gun. Its powerful drill is guaranteed to bring a lot of hurt to enemies that dare block Noctis and company from their mission. The Drillbreaker is part of the Machinery Weapons in FF XV. Most if not all such items are clumsy looking but make it up by delivering a serious amount of hurt.

 The Drillbreaker is located in the Formouth Imperial Garrison. From your map, proceed from Hammerhead's north where the military base is situated in the northeast. Once Final Fantasy XV players entered the base's main gate, keep going straight until you find a gap. Player's will know that it's the right one since this gap will be in the middle of a watch tower and fence. Keep going straight and you will pass by a number of large ships as well as containers. Once you see another fence, look for a small hut beside it and get the Drillbreaker inside.

How to Upgrade Drillbreaker

The Better Drillbreaker quest will require the services of Cid Sophiar. Final Fantasy XV players will be required to hand over a Magitek Core in order for the upgrade to proceed. The item could be dropped from either MA-X or MA-Patria opponents who are both located in the Imperial Formouth Garrison. The mentioned enemies however, don't drop it often enough. There is also a much simpler way to obtain the Magitek Core. Final Fantasy XV players simply have to reach the game's Chapter 15 and obtained it in Gralea. Once you have it, give the item to Cid and he will work on the Drillbreaker upgrade. He will need a few days though to finish the process. Do not worry because Cid will call you once the upgrade is done.

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