Final Fantasy XV Guide, Tips: How To Upgrade A Superior Force Stealer

Final Fantasy XV players find the Force Stealer as a very handy sword due to its special ability. Here are some tips that may help increase its effectiveness.

The Force Stealer's Special Ability

The Force Stealer is one of the most important weapons in Final Fantasy XV due to its ability to soak up on elemental energy when players give the finishing attack on their opponents. The Force Stealer could only be obtained from Tony who owns a restaurant.

Tony is willing to trade the Force Stealer provided that Final Fantasy XV players can give four carrots in exchange. The vegetables however, must first be grown on the Cape Caem farm. Afterwards, players can now upgrade the weapon.

How to Upgrade Force Stealer

Final Fantasy XV players will need to go to Cid for the upgrade. He will however, require a monster claw of the upgrade. Players can obtained it via drop item from a Bandersnatch they will kill in the Malmalam Thicket. You can improve the chances of getting a monster claw by using weapons that are especially known for targeting appendages. This may require killing several Bandersantch before getting the right item.

Final Fantasy XV players who obtain the needed item can give it to Cid including their Force Stealer. The upgrade however, will take at least few days. Players can pass the time by engaging in quests still available. Players however, will have no choice but to rest and wait for several more days if Cid is not finished with the upgraded Force Stealer. A number of FFXV veterans believed that the much improved Force Stealer will be ready after five days.

Final Fantasy XV was recently released on Nov. 29, 2016 and it's available for consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. More guides and tips are surely coming since many players are still getting acquainted with Final Fantasy XV.

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