Final Fantasy XV Guide, Tips: How To Kill Adamantoise - Giant Boss Turtle

Final Fantasy XV players would have no doubt encountered the Adamantoise which is the giant Boss Turtle in the game. Here are some tips that may help players defeat their biggest opponent in FFXV.

Meet the Adamantoise

The gargantuan turtle lives in the Hammerhead Outpost. Cindy will hand out the quest called "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie" to Noctis and his group. Part of the quest requires waking up the slumbering Adamantoise. Afterwards, the gang will proceed to take part in the "Lonely Rumblings - Longwythe Hunt."

Prepare to Fight and Kill Adamantoise

Final Fantasy XV players should bring as many healing potions and must prepare themselves for a very long fight. There were earlier rumors that it might take around three days of straight combat to defeat Adamantoise. Fortunately, the speculations were unfounded and players can finish the big turtle boss fight in two hours or less.

Nevertheless, the Adamantoise battle will be long and repetitive. Final Fantasy XV players will battle a level 99 creatures with more than 5 million HP. Noctis and his party can increase the power of their attack if they feast on a number of Ignis' recipes before meeting Adamantoise. Using Greatswords will also increase the level of damage given to the Adamantoise.

Concentrate on the Turtle's Foot

Final Fantasy XV players should avoid confronting Adamantoise head-on and instead concentrate their attack on its weakest spot, the foot. Players should also try to hit the Adamantoise's eyes if they get the chance. It is also the most vulnerable part and could earned substantial damage points. Adamantoise is slow moving and its attack moves can be anticipated. Players however, have to exercise caution since it can also dish out substantial damage. If Adamantoise kills Noctis, the fight will have to start all over again.

Reward After Defeating Adamantoise

Final Fantasy XV players who defeated Adamantoise will get to receive 40,000 Experience points. They also get to collect a 50,000 gil bounty and the Adamanite Bangle as well as the gratitude of the citizens.

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