Final Fantasy XV Guide, Tips: How To Locate And Upgrade Absorb Shield

By Nick Halden , Dec 05, 2016 04:10 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV players will find the Absorb shield as a very useful defense against various enemies. It is also a good idea to upgrade this particular shield as soon as possible.

What is the Absorb Shield?

In Final Fantasy XV, the Absorb shield is a defensive weapon that "drains" the dead opponent's elemental energy. The shield bearers are protected from bullets, increase their vitality and can also be used as a weapon.

Where to Obtain Absorb Shield

Final Fantasy XV players can obtain the Absorb shield from Tony who lives in Cape Caem. He will only provide the item if you managed to provide him with four Caem carrots in exchange. Upgrading it however, will require the services of Cid Sophiar.

Where to Upgrade Absorb Shield

The upgrade work will be taken by Cid who will give players a quest to expedite the process. This time, players will have to search for the Spiked Armor. The Skarnbulettes are an excellent source for such items. Final Fantasy XV players should join the Hammer the Cannibals hunt in a remote outpost called Cauthess Rest Area. The beasts could be found in the Kettier Highlands where at least of one may drop the Spiked Armor. Repeat the quest as often as necessary until you get the needed item.

Final Fantasy XV players should note that the hunt is also giving out a reward worth 6910 gil which is not bad. The bounty is ready for pick up at the outpost. Once you have obtained the Spiked Armor, head back to Cid so that he can proceed with Absorb Shield upgrade.

It will take a number of days to complete and Cid will inform the Final Fantasy XV player if it's complete. You can pass the time by engaging in a few other quests or simply resting while waiting for Cid's call.


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