Samsung J5: The Most Underrated Smartphone In 2016?

Of every single mobile device that has been released in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy J5 have become one of the most underrated, considering that this is a phone that the South Korean company released at an affordable price, offering an extraordinary quality that just a few smartphones could excel, having a much higher price. Let´s see which has been the main reason that makes this product so under appreciated.

The Galaxy J5 Was Beneath The Shadow Of The Company´s Flagships

As reported by CNET last month, the Galaxy J5 suffered an episode extremely similar to the Galaxy Note 7, in which the smartphone suddenly burst into flames. Although there were no major incidents after this event, the damage was already made to this product´s reputation, which obviously has the consequence of not getting the market position that it deserves.

Also, even without this incident, the thing about the Galaxy J5 is that almost no one knew the phone, considering that it haven't been so promoted as many other smartphones in this year, like the iPhone 7, the Galaxy S7 or the Galaxy Note 7, which were the product that Samsung´s batted for the most. In fact, not even the South Korean company´s PR team knew about its existence, which could be explained by the fact that this is a budget smartphone.

A Budget Smartphone That Offers More Than Most Of Its Competitors

According to ITPRO, this mobile device can easily be considered as some kind of dark horse for being so underappreciated, and it is equipped with such amazing features that if it were from another brand that releases budget smartphones, it would have more attention and popularity. In any case, greatness about the Galaxy J5 is that offers a replaceable battery, an amazing super AMOLED display, and a lengthy battery life so you can roll without problem.

The Galaxy J5 runs with a Quad-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, a screen resolution of 1,280x720, and 8GB (4.6GB) storage, a 3G,4G wireless data, a 142x72x7.9mm size, a weight of 146g, and an Android5.1.1 as the operating system. The main problem about this smartphone is the camera, since being of 13 megapixels this feature has an average performance and very disappointing issues with exposure.

Nevertheless, being a budget smartphone, it is an undeniable fact that the Galaxy J5 must be way more important than many other of its kind, which has achieved an important position and many customers are buying it, like the the Moto G series. If there´s a competition of underrated products in 2016, the Galaxy J5 would probably win that price.

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