A Deep Web Site Is Crowdfunding A Donald Trump And Mike Pence´s Assasination

A website hosted on the Deep Web is crowdfunding through Bitcoin donations the assassinations of the President-elect Donald Trump and the Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Apparently, in the "murder-for-hire" website it is explained that the reason for this operation is that having these two politicians as the leaders of the free world would have extremely dangerous consequences.

A Cyber Attack Is Not Enough

According to the International Business Times, the website hosted on the Deep Web also stated that the magnicide would be justified, since Trump´s government would mean the rise of some white supremacist movements that will try to eliminate any other American of different color of skin and origins, so the best. Although this represents a clear conspiracy theory, it has been said during the presidential elections that neo-Nazis and the KKK wanted Trump for president, which clearly represented a huge damage to the republican´s image.

The administrator of the Deep Web´s site in question claims to be part of a famous organization that has been characterized recently for defending and protecting all people´s rights against repressive governments through many kinds of cyber attacks. However, the site explained that this method is not enough for this issue and that the President-elect must be terminated. The administrator´s identity remains unknown since the person is using the anonymizing web browser Tor (The Onion Router).

Another Deep Web´s Hacker Gave Information About The Administrator

According to RT, the administrator´s Bitcoin wallet received $119 since the assassination Deep Web´s site was launched in November. However, a hacker has just told that they know who is the person who posted the magnicide issue, and explained that website´s host is just a "little scammer", which could mean that this was just a joke.

Also, the hacker claimed that they know the person in question, and revealed that he is a Canadian citizen who actually worked for a Canadian Best Buy's Geek Squad, getting to the point of even publishing his alleged Reddit username. Apparently, this Deep Web hacker tried to send an email to the United States Secret Service, but didn't find the proper address.

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