Pokemon GO Update: How The New Prestige Formula Works

There's been so much going on in Pokemon GO lately. From new features to updates to fixes, Niantic has kept the show running these past few weeks or so. And now, the studio is once again on the roll. A new formula has been released, changing the amount of Prestige players will gain from doing gym trainings.

It's worth noting that training in a gym is synonymous to Prestige being increased. The maximum level then was 10. In its most organic form, players will be able to acquire a maximum of 1000 Prestige in every friendly gym battle. However, this will be a thing in the past.

Later on, however, the aforementioned Prestige amount in Pokemon GO was significantly decreased (went to 500 as maximum). This opened to new possibilities, though, such as making enemy gym fights a lot easier (compared to defending). Unfortunately, it kind of messed up the entire meta. Players no longer go for the cherry and opted to wait for their respective gyms to be acquired. That's because, as mentioned above, it's an easy claim than spending efforts training and leveling up.

To pacify the situation, Niantic has decided to re-introduce the old system, as reported by Heavy. Both the maximum amount of Prestige that can be acquired from attacking and defending is now at 1000. That way, players will have to set sail on an equal footing.

The new Pokemon GO Prestige formula consists of two things. First is being able to acquire an X amount [i.e. 500 X (Defender CP/Attacker CP)] whenever an attacker has as lower CP compared to the defender. The second one refers to an X amount [i.e. 310 X (Defender CP/Attacker CP) - 55] whenever an attacker has a relatively higher CP compared to the defender.

Again, this is the same formula that the studio utilized back in the game's first release. There's simply nothing new. It's interesting, though, to see that so far, the company has been very promising in listening to community feedback and all.

What are your thoughts on the new Pokemon GO Prestige formula? Do you like the move Niantic did to the game? Share to us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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