Persona 5 Update: Three Confidants Introduced Via New Gameplay Trailer

Persona 5 has a number of characters in the game outside the main party that the main character can befriend of. The upcoming game's Confidant System functions similarly to the system present in the past Person games, where players can build and maintain relationship between different characters present across Tokyo. Upon growing this bond, players will be granted access to several in-game bonuses such as skill boosts, special services and more.

According to the report from Twinfinite, Persona 5's number of Confidants has been increasing as Atlus has recently released three new trailers highlighting the group of people that players can befriend. These three new Confidants identified as Tae Takemi, Sojiro Sakura and Munehisa Iwai.

As seen on the trailer, Tae Takemi owned a medical clinic. Creating a bond to this new character will grant players access to her clinic where The Phantom Thieves will be able to treat their wounds after battle. Takemi is just located in a shady alley in Tokyo and she holds a fairly suspicious reputation. Additionally, she can also reward you with stronger health potions and consumables to use during battles.

The second Confidant is Sojiro Sakura. He is said to serve as an important character to the main protagonist. He is also known as the owner of Café Leblanc. Sakura agrees to take the protagonist in and give him a place not only to stay but work as well. Upon working in the café, players can learn recipes for both curry and coffee which is essential in restoring the party's SP during battle.

Lastly, Munehisa Iwai is known to run the finest airsoft gun shop across Tokyo called Untouchable. His weapon options will be free to the Phantom Thieves and they can even assists Iwai with his particular smuggling jobs. Doing the work will unlock more customization options and discounts to take advantage of his shop.

Persona 5 is scheduled for release on Apr 4, 2017 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. 

Below is one of the respective trailers for the new Persona 5's Confidant - Munehina Iwa: 

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