Apple iPhone Vs Android Phones: Which Is Better?

There are so many reasons why the iPhone is better than any Android phone. The iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus may not offer superb screen resolution, but they are just the right buy for a lot of consumers, and with iOS 10, there are even more reasons that the iPhone is better than Android in a lot of ways.

iPhone is better than Android phones

2016 brought an overabundance of new devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, One Plus 3, the LG V20 and other phones that pose some big challenges for the iPhone - but there are still aspects and fields where the iPhone is clearly better than any Android phone. Here are three reasons why the iPhone is way better than any Android phone.

More apps on the iPhone

Most of the popular apps are present on both platforms, but a lot of the top games and apps still come to the iPhone first. There are also some apps that come with both the Android and iPhone at the same time, but there are still way more iPhone only apps compared to Android.

Fast and quick iPhone Updates

iPhone owners enjoy quick and regular iOS updates for the iPhone no matter what carrier they are using. On the other end, Android updates take months to arrive on every device. After an Android phone is over 18 months old, you may need to wait for a new Android smartphone to get the latest version.

Greatly works with all your Apple devices

If you own an iPhone, a Mac, and an iPad, your information flows smoothly from one device to the other. Syncing photos and other info to all of your devices have never been this easy. You can even answer a phone call on your Mac or iPad, and even send text messages from your other devices.

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