GTA V News: Grand Theft Auto Online Cancelled Content Discovered From Concept Art

Grand Theft Auto 5 or better known as GTA V, have definitely proved that this game's playerbase is still strong despite the fact that it's already two years old. The popular open world action-adventure game may have gone through a series of updates and changes but its loyal fans keep the game alive.

When speculations surfaced that Rockstar Games had a GTA V single-player DLC cancelled since they are more in favor of developing an online multiplayer map, it turns out, it wasn't the real reason. Most of the gaming community believed that Rockstar cancelled Grand Theft Auto V single-player content because it did not have many fans but it was really due to GTA 5 online community growing fanbase.

True, Grand Theft Auto 5 went through several iterations, even more so with its Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer, but players are pleased with what GTA V developer has done to keep their game alive and kicking over the years. In fact, several fans grew curious about their favorite game that they went through several searches to discover the so-called "holy grail" of Grand Theft Auto 5's development. And guess what, they have indeed discovered a goldmine.

Forum user named ZT recently discovered early GTA 5 concept art of digital artist, Steven Walsh. Walsh seemed to have already took down those images as per Rockstar Games' request and yes, these are not just plain art, these were actually Grand Theft Auto V's "key proposed features" that were cut. And one of the most shocking things discovered in Walsh's concept art was the confirmation of rumors that the Grand Theft Online multiplayer was supposed to be "faction-based", meaning players can opt supporting The Vagos, Bikers, The Police, etc.

The newly discovered GTA Online concept art contained information that once players will join a faction, they can assist their new group in "overtaking parts of the online map". Some were then led to speculate that this supposed-to-be faction system in Grand Theft Auto V was inspired from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas gang system.

GTA V is available for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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