Final Fantasy XV Guide, Tips, Tricks: Where To Find Cerberus Sniper Rifle And When To Use It

Final Fantasy XV players who fancy using a sniper rifle should get the Cerberus. Here are some tips on where to locate it and when is the best time to use the weapon.

The Only Sniper Rifle Available

Final Fantasy XV players will note that the Cerberus Sniper Rifle is not most powerful weapon in the game. It is however, the only sniper rifle available and it's quite useful in certain situations. The weapon is located at the Fort Vaullery Imperial Base and unlocks once players reached Chapter 6. The Cerberus sniper rifle is inside a tiny building which is located in the northeastern section of the base.

How to Use Cerberus Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle unfortunately, is for the exclusive use of Noctis only. Prompto could not even equip weapon. As the name suggest, the firearm is next to useless in close quarter combat. Final Fantasy XV however, could certainly kill or inflict substantial damages to their enemies before engaging in close combat.

Final Fantasy XV PlayStation players should hold the R1 and Triangle buttons to bring the scope up. Xbox One players will need to hold the RB and Y buttons instead. The Cerberus could only be used once inside the combat arena. If you happen to be out the area, then the sniper rifle will not deploy.

The Cerberus has an effective range of around 30 meters and it's advisable to use it first before the enemy gets too close. Well placed shots will earn Final Fantasy XV players substantial rewards which will be determined by the kind of opponents they are facing.

Amount and Duration of Damage

The base damage of the Cerberus sniper rifle is 156. That damage however, increases significantly if enemies are hit in their critical spots with the use of the scope. Final Fantasy XV players should aim for the most sensitive spot of the target to inflict the most damage.

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