Resident Evil 7 News, Updates: Advanced PC Settings Revealed

Resident Evil 7's PC version finally revealed a new update that contains new and advance settings. It is fresh from the eyes of every PC gamers today, as they will see a different optimization in the game's graphics. The graphical settings, such as Volumetric Lighting Quality, Chromatic Aberration Toggle and more, are featured in the PC settings. Due to this, it is safe to say that Resident Evil 7 has reached highly graphical settings, making the gameplay very realistic.

What To Expect In The Resident Evil 7's PC Settings?

The new PC settings for Resident Evil 7 are amazing, due to the fact that most players have not seen anything like it before. Capcom announced that the PC's demo version of the game is still on process. However, with the settings that they shared, it can be assumed that development is well underway to hit the target release date in January.

The first setting that is new to the eyes of gamers is the Volumetric Lighting Quality, which could have a huge effect on the game's graphics. Another one is the Chromatic Aberration Toggle that is being used by a few big games today. Bloom Effect Toggle and Lens Flare Toggle could also tell that the game has some advanced optimization.

Which Gaming System Has The Best Resident Evil 7 Settings?

Considering that PS4 is the only one to experience the demo today, fans can clearly expect something different from the PC and Xbox One version of the game. Also, it is not yet the full version of Resident Evil 7, so there could be a lot of changes to come when it hits all consoles. Even so, fans are happy in the visualization of the PS4; they can also expect a great graphics in the Xbox One and PC.

Resident Evil 7 will be released on Jan. 24, 2017. Information about what time it can be downloaded to the console is bound to arrive soon.

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