Resident Evil 7 News, Updates: Journalist Reveals Amazing Concept Arts Of The Game

Resident Evil 7 excites a lot of fans today, as a journalist recently revealed what is inside the game's development room. Fans will be able to see pictures of what is known to be a concept art of the game. It is very classical and scary, as all Resident Evil games always have been. With this recent photo taken by the journalist, fans will be able to know more about the upcoming game, such as an idea of the storyline and new kinds of enemies.

What's In Resident Evil 7 Development Site Photos?

The pictures taken inside the development site of Resident Evil 7 reveals a lot of new concepts of the game. This includes from what is like to be types of different areas, as well as new enemies in the game. Some storyline elements can also be seen from there, where a hand in the first-person view is being cut off. Fans will also see a witch-like figure, which seems to be a new feature in the game. With these kinds of pictures being inside the Resident Evil 7's development site, it is safe to say that Capcom is focusing on the game very seriously.

Resident Evil 7 Will Be Incomparable To Any Other Resident Evil Games

With the brutality of the gameplay videos, following recent images of the game's concept art, Resident Evil 7 will surely scare off a lot of fans. The game cannot be compared to any other Resident Evil games simply because it has more brutality and lots of new contents, which will make it one of the best Resident Evil game today. Players will experience a new type of gameplay, compared to the other version of the game.

Resident Evil 7 will be released on Jan. 24, 2017.

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