Resident Evil 7 Demo Guide: How To Unlock The Pistol

A lot of fans are saying that Resident Evil 7's demo gameplay is very challenging, due to the fact that the previous 1 and 2 demo versions have no pistol. However, with the latest update in the Resident Evil 7's demo, players will now be able to obtain a handgun. Fans will now experience the new combat gameplay, as they will have to use their gun to kill enemies. 

How To Find The Pistol In Resident Evil 7 Demo?

First, players must go to the secret room near the bookshelf. In order to open it, players must pull the fireplace handle in the starting area. Then, players must get the fuse in the crate, which will be used on the fuse box in the starting room. Next will be the attic, where players must get the basement key in the bed. The key will be used on the strange door downstairs. After entering the door, players will have to find the bathroom in the hallway, where pistol ammo can be found.

Right in the bathroom, players will see a bowl filled with blood. Players will need to flush away the blood in order to get the gun. In order to do it, players must find the valve, which is on the gate door near the end of the hallway. A basement key will be required to open it. Players must be careful, as a molded enemy will be encountered in the area. After getting the valve, a quick run into the bathroom is needed in order to escape the enemy. Using the valve on the pipe will drain the bowl. After that, players will be able to get the handgun from the toilet bowl.

How To Find Pistol Pistol Ammo In Resident Evil 7?

Pistol ammo is almost scattered throughout the game, especially in the Baker family plantation. Players can also find ammo under a bed in the attic. Also, smashing boxes will help as these items may also contain handgun ammo. Due to the addition of pistol in the game, players will now experience the combat in Resident Evil 7 right before the release of the full version of the game.

Resident Evil 7 will be released on Jan. 24, 2017.

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