Resident Evil 7 Guide: How To Solve The Finger Murder Puzzle And Grab Dirty Coin

If the finger puzzle murder in Resident Evil 7 have stumped you, this Resident Evil 7 guide has the information to help you get out of that rut you're stuck in. It also tells you how to grab that dirty coin and more.

First, you have to insert a fuse in this area and get the chain cutter and VHS tape. Watch the VHS for some information. After that, use the lockpick to get the Axe and the key to the backroom door. Go to the attic and find the basement key. You will find some ammo under the bed and inside the crate boxes but you have to destroy them first.

After that grab the dummy hand behind the TV set. Get the finger from the drawer then go to the bathroom where you can find some ammo in the drawer and in the medicine cabinet. More ammo is waiting for you in the shelf on your way to the basement. After grabbing that, open the basement door and as you weave your way, you'll find some handgun ammo halfway. You can also find a lockpick before you reach the monster room.

After that, don't waste time and grab the valve and immediately leave to prevent more monsters from spawning. Get the handgun in the bathroom and go back to the basement to retrieve the attic key. Be careful because there is a monster inside it. Go to the main hallway and read the journal.

In the attic, start the murder puzzle by reading the blood message. Point the finger you have on the rubble below the clock located on the first floor hallway. After that, head toward the end of the attic to find the bright light next to the barred door. Head to the basement and point the finger at the head of the body bag found on the table. After that, go to the stairs leading to the second floor where you can find a painting of a woman with a bag on her head. Destroy the painting with the ax.

Point the finger once again at the barred door where you can find the voodoo dolls. There's a mirror outside the room, look at it and do a 180-degree turn to the trigger giggle. After that, point it at the blue and white wires on the ceiling above the bed in the attic. Head to the kitchen, open the pot, and watch the VHS again. Go through all the dialog options and check the microwave, refrigerator, and pot. Get the lockpick and open the drawer.

Go back to the hallway where the VHS is and open the drawer using the finger. Go upstairs and find the headphones on the table. You will also encounter a ghost but never mind it. After the VHS ends playing, go back to the basement and enter the backroom. You have to crouch and look to the doll. Listen to its giggles then head back to the kitchen, open the pot while pointing the finger to the gumbo inside it. After that, lock the door in the attic and once you saw the blood handprints, open it to complete the puzzle.

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