Top 4 Reasons Why You Just Need To Play Battlefield 1

Top 4 Reasons Why You Just Need To Play Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1 from EA DICE is considered as one of the most critically acclaimed games of this year. Photo : DooM49/YouTube

For the fans of Battlefield 1, there's no point telling you why the game is simply amazing. Heck, it's not even a wonder why it became one of the most successful shooter games this year. Because really, this game works like magic. However, for those who are still in doubts, it's time to get you onboard. Here are 4 reasons why it's about time that you check out EA DICE's latest title.

The Game's Progression System Is Like Heaven

If there's one thing that make this game excel in the competition, it's no other than its multiplayer. Why? That's because the progression system of the game's multiplayer campaign is quite unique. In a traditional Battlefield game, players are given the option to pick a class (medic, support and scout, among others). In the latest installment, it's kind of different. Players are rewarded whenever their loyal to their chosen class. This means leveling up specific class for the hopes of acquiring new unlocks for weapons and gears. In one way or another, it encourages progression. Players will feel the need to play the game thanks to this system.

Weapon Pickups Are Quite Astonishing

If you think the previous titles offered the best in terms of weapon pickups, try Battlefield 1. The game took it a bit further. The weapons now are a tad extreme and powerful. It's worth noting that players are even notified whenever a nearby weapon is ready for pickup. And by the time it happens, people suddenly stop what they're currently doing and leave to pick the item. Oh, these weapons aren't the common ones, so to speak. They could range from massive LMGs to full blown flamethrower -- all with deadly fire rates. Of course, if you own them, you'll have more advantage in the field. Add to that the fact that some of these pickups tend to offer armors, giving you that valor look of a knight.

Trains And Airships Can Change The Outcome A Match

And yes, this could happen very quickly. In the game, these huge trains and airships are often called Behemoths. The latter, however, only appears at the near end of a match. They're there to help the losing team turn the tide of the war to their sides. Of course, they should be used correctly in order to ensure the win. Note that these Behemoths are also equipped with guns that offer huge blows, enough to put out a high fire rate. But if the opposing team is able to withstand and destroy these vessels, a beautiful fireworks happen. Now, that alone is a huge point for winning your heart. Anyway, to see is to believe, so give this game a try now.

The Game's Campaign Is One Hell Of A Ride

Yes, that's right -- and this is the kind of ride you'd want to be part of. The application of World War 1 (commonly known as the Great War) is what makes Battlefield 1 an interesting game to play. Not only are you able to somehow understand and/or empathize what happened during this ear, you'll also be amazed with its story. Overall, the game offers a total of 5 short stories, all unique and interesting. There are also 5 different characters, factions and missions. From both story and game perspective, it gives the game an edge.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1? Are you playing it already? If yes, what made you do it? If not, why? Let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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