Nintendo Switch Had Its First Live Gameplay Demonstration On Jimmy Fallon´s Show

The Nintendo Switch finally had the first live gameplay demonstration since it was announced, and it chose one of the most popular TV programs in the U.S. to show off how the console works both in the portable mode and on the big screen. Believe it or not, it was in Jimmy Fallon´s The Tonight Show where the gaming device was played since Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé was one of the main guests.

Jimmy Fallon Played Mario And Zelda

According to Tech Crunch, he first showed Jimmy Fallon the main mode available in Super Mario Run "World Tour" -the first Nintendo´siOS game that launches next week- which is characterized by having the controls simplified to single button presses, in order to suit mobile devices. However, Fils-Aimé opened minutes later a gold cube containing the Nintendo Switch, which made Jimmy Fallon "geek out" as he showed his knowledge about the gaming device, confessing that he watched the demo video like three million times.

After that, Nintendo of America president started to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the large screen available on Jimmy Fallon´s show, just before removing the handled portion and passing it to the TV host, who continued playing the game from where Fils-Aimé had left off. Regarding this highly-expected game, Reggie explained that the greatest thing about it is that the player can go to every single location they see, an approach scenarios in different ways, which clearly excels the exploring experience that Zelda´s fans have been used to.

Shigeru Miyamoto Was Watching The Nintendo Switch Demonstration

According to the International Business Times, one of the best moments of Jimmy Fallon´s show was that the creator of both games -and probably the most important designer in video games history- Shigeru Miyamoto was sat in the audience watching Fallon play is games. Naturally, the TV host couldn't contain the excitement and explained his Nintendo´s knowledge.

Both games run pretty well both in the portable mode and in the big screen, which represent very good news for the company, since there has been a little bit of skepticism towards how good the games could work on the different modes. The Nintendo Switch release will be on March 2017, and Jimmy Fallon practically became the first official fan of this gaming device.

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