‘Star Wars’ Episode 8: Spoilers, News And Updates: Daisy Ridley Confirmed Rey’s Parents in Episode 7? Snoke Only A Practical Effect?

The biggest riddle that fans awaiting the release of the "Star Wars" episode 8 is who the parents of Rey really are. There have been a lot of rumors and speculations about this subject going around the internet in the past few months. It seems that Daisy Ridley had given some hints lately that they are actually there in episode 7, "The Force Awakens."

Her Parents Are In "The Force Awakens"

In episode 7 of the space saga, Ridley apparently made it clear who Rey's parents are. She said they are somewhere in "The Force Awakens." If that's the case, all that the fans need to do is to scan all the clues in the previous installment of "Star Wars" episode 8 and they will have a hint on the identities of these people. Ridley teased that they're just up on the screen.

Is It Obi-Wan Or Luke?

For instance, Obi-Wan Kenobi has some similarities with Rey, according to Huffington Post writer Ben Ostrower. He says that there are only two characters in the space saga including the upcoming "Star Wars" episode 8 who speak with a British accent. Except for C3PO, but it is impossible for this robot to spawn Rey. So Obi-Wan is a prime suspect as Rey's parent.

And then there's the fact that she found the original lightsaber of Luke Skywalker through some mysterious and unnatural way. This could imply that Rey has a filial connection to Luke. There is no reason for her finding Luke's lost light saber if she's got no connection with the only remaining Jedi of "Star Wars" episode 8.

Snoke Is Just A CG Character

In a related note, it was revealed recently that the Supreme Leader Snoke of The First Order was really just a CG character in "The Force Awakens." But in the upcoming "Star Wars" episode 8, the actor playing the role, Andy Serkis, will do it practically, at least in part. Some rumors say that this is what Rian Johnson, the writer, and director of the film, has in mind.

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