Best Underdog Video Games Of 2016 That You Probably Haven't Heard Of

Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) 17: Boston Red Sox Season 1 Episode 1
Triple-A games dominate but there are certain underdogs and low budget games that spring up as awesome games. Here they are, check them out. Photo : YouTube / StraitOuttaBoston

Games are dominated by Triple-A titles, whether we like it or not. It's just they're so highly budgeted and come from reputable companies or backers that everyone would automatically think that they will create masterpieces. This isn't always the case as 2016 has its No Man's sky incident.

Indie games and other low budgeted games are the underdogs of the gaming industry. They are the unsung heroes that provide entertainment to the hardcore gaming fans that seek excitement beyond Triple-A gaming. Here are 2016's best underdog video games based on their Metacritic scores.

Top 5 - Owlboy (Metacritic score: 89, Platform: PC)

You got yourself a fantastic Metroid-inspired action game that's been in the works for over 9 years. In Owlboy, you play as the owl-like hero who flies around to explore expansive levels on pixel art. The game provides a wide range of retro-style platform environments and giant bosses that fill up the screen. This game makes a good breather for those who are drowning in Triple-A gaming.

Top 4 - Axiom Verge (Metacritic score: 89, Platforms: PS4, PSVita, Xbox One, PC, and Wii U)

This game was launched in 2015 but is ported on various platforms in 2016 (see sub-heading). Since Nintendo has been ignoring Metroid for years, Tom Happ has stepped up to offer the kind of game Metroid fanatics are waiting for their whole lives. Players take the role of a scientist who wakes up in a strange world. The twilight zone is full of sprawling environments, enemies, and items that are useful. Yes, that's Metroid alright.

Top - 3 Kentucky Route Zero: Act IV (Metacritic score: 90, Platform: PC)

This is quite unique. Kentucky Route Zero is an adventure game that's been rolled out in installments since starting in 2013. The concept is a magical realism world and travelling on it via a mysterious highway deep under Kentucky. Add a mix of people with strange backgrounds and you got yourself this game. It is recommended to start the game from the very beginning to avoid headaches.

Top 2 - Stephen's Sausage Roll (Metacritic score: 90, Platform: PC)

This one is a puzzler that may not look like much but will make your brain have a workout like it never did before. Stephen's Sausage Roll requires the player to move sausages onto burners without overcooking them. As you go along, different challenges are inserted so expect a very simple level one and then have a migraine by level 5.

Top 1 - Out of the Park Baseball 17 (Metacritic score: 92, Platform: PC)

If you dream of managing a sports team, particularly baseball, then this game is for you. Out of the Park Baseball 17 surely keeps you busy for a very long time. The game is annualized so that explains the time requirement you need to spend with it. Batter up!

You can have as much say over your team's games as you want, getting into nitty-gritty decisions like player substitutions or setting those things to automatically play out on their own. The game even allows you to replay any World Series going all the way back to 1903. The only real strike against it is that it's not so different from last year's installment.

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