'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Itching To Be On Chris Jericho’s Infamous List; Actor Plans Another WWE Appearance?

"Arrow" season 5 was full of exciting twists, especially after the CW crossover. The series is currently on hiatus but it will be back in January. As expected, Stephen Amell was also excited about the upcoming episode although he took a moment to shoot Chris Jericho a taunting tweet. It seems like the actor wants to be in the "List of Jericho." Is Amell looking for a way to make a comeback on the WWE ring?

Stephen Amell Vs. Cody "Stardust" Rhodes

Amell is known for his portrayal of Oliver Queen in "Arrow" but he has some pro wrestling background. Back in 2015, Amell faced Cody "Stardust" Rhodes. Amell was not just a bystander in the fight since he actually tried to hold his own. Amell won the fight though a rematch was not possible since Rhodes left WWE and pursued another career path.

The feud between Rhodes and Amell started on Twitter. The tweets between the two started to heat up and it concluded with Amell fighting at Summer Slam with a tag team.

WWE Comeback

Amell is currently filming "Arrow" season 5. However, a year ago his TV series did not prevent him from being a guest on WWE. The tweet to Chris Jericho about the WWE's list might appear friendly for some but Twitter was also the reason for Amell's first WWE experience.

Chris Jericho is a popular wrestler although he has rarely appeared at WWE events over the past years. His latest gimmick with the "List of Jericho" ran longer than expected because of its popularity. The said list contains the names of people in the organization that he has a beef with.

In his tweet, Amell implied that Jericho's list is a bit similar to the notebook that Oliver Queen received from his father which contained the names of all the sleazy Starling City residents.

While a fight between Amell and Jericho has potential, it will take more than their latest Twitter exchange to land them with an actual WWE storyline. For now, Amell will definitely be focusing on "Arrow" season 5 which will be back on the CW on Jan. 25, 2017.

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