Microsoft Is Oficially LinkedIn´s Owner: Everything You Need To About One Of The Most Incredible Acquisitions In 2016

Tech giant Microsoft is now officially LinkedIn´s owner after closing a deal of $26 billion, which comes 6 months after the first headlines announcing a possible acquisition appeared in the media. The popular social media network and tech company can now integrate their products and service to the customer, which could increase its power in their respective fields, as well as their position in the market.

A Perfect Deal For Both Companies

According to the CNET, the new LinkedIn´s Owner plans with this deal are to become an important provider for any kind of business of cloud-based service, which includes it Office 365. Also, both companies revealed their plans of working together in major technology project as gadgets, devices, machine learning, artificial intelligence and much more. Naturally, both Microsoft and the social media platform will start to bet big considering that both have more chances of taking risks since the companies can rely on the other´s services and powers.

On the other hand, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner explained that the company will remain unchanged and the usual services that customers have been using will be exactly the same, and over the next months the platform will explain more about how it is integrating its services with the tech giant´s products.

LinkedIn´s Owner Was Expecting Since June To Close The Acquisition

Previously, Weiner stated through a blog post that the deal with the new LinkedIn´s owner would accelerate the mission of connecting professionals of the world in order to make them more successful, productive, and ultimately help to built a lucrative opportunity for every single member of the global workforce.

According to the International Business Times, Microsoft CEO Saya Nadella also said through a blog post that this was a day that the company was expecting since June. This mark the beginning of the mission to bring a reunited world´s leading professionals into a tight-knit network.
As it was reported in a previous article, LinkedIn´s owner needed the bless of the European Union in order to close the deal with the social media platform, and fortunately for both companies, everything went perfectly well and the acquisition was approved. Although this represents great news for Microsoft and LinkedIn, it remains uncertain by which moments the benefits will start to appear.

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