Top 6 Xbox One Exclusives For 2017

STATE OF DECAY 2 Trailer (E3 2016)
Next year's top Xbox One exclusive list. Not much but they look promising. Photo : YouTube / GameNewsOfficial

Console gamers are aware that PlayStation and Xbox have pros and cons. The main difference from both sides is the list of exclusive titles. Sure, I have friends that envy me owning a PS4 because they say that their list of Xbox One exclusive blows.

Well, I hope this list of 5 games for Xbox One's 2017 timeline release would prove them wrong. Although I prefer playing PC for Xbox One titles, the list below tempts me to get an Xbox One copy for myself. After all, the Xbox Play Anywhere offers a great deal as it would allow you to play on Windows 10 even if you only bought an Xbox One disc, so it would be a win-win.

Halo Wars 2

This sequel for a real-time strategy version of Halo puts players in charge of an army of Spartan soldiers fighting alongside futuristic military units. The game's idea is to eliminate the threat posed by an enemy the game could only describe as 'terrifying and new'. Halo Wars 2 is a good game for RTS fans, even if they haven't touched the original title or the Halo FPS games for that matter. 


The game has a striking art style done in 1930s cartoons. The story is something like putting the player in Cuphead's shoes who has already made a deal with the devil and needs to overcome all bosses so that the debt will be paid. Players need to run around and launch projectiles to defeat enemies. The game's bosses are huge and have a range of abilities. The best word to describe this game is 'unlikely' but don't take it literally, it promises to be an enjoyable platformer.

Crackdown 3

An open-world game that follows a futuristic cops adventure in an already corrupt city. Players start as a normal guy in Crackdown 3 but then upgrades of the character will have it leap off skyscrapers and single-handedly wipe-off bad guys. The third installment promises a cooperative campaign and will also utilize Xbox One's cloud computing capability.

Sea of Thieves

Microsoft's Rare Studio is currently developing this sea-faring title focusing on being a pirate. Players will play co-op and take it to the seas, sailing ships, having cannon battles, fighting weird creatures, and treasure hunting. As of this writing, not much has been announced about this game but it seems to look promising.


Developed by Platinum Games, the same people who made Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Bayonetta 2, and Scalebound, the game looks to like of fantasy type and of epic proportions. A dragon befriends the player and from there they begin an adventure. This game looks promising too.

State of Decay 2

This zombie apocalypse game looks fun, and it should be. State of Decay 2 follows in its previous title's footsteps by cooking up a grueling survival role-playing game. Surviving with friends is much easier than being alone, this is the game's main concept. With that said, throwing in a multi-player experience certainly supports its purpose.

If you seek PS4 exclusives, then the video below is perfect for you:

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